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Introspection III, 2023

Egg Shells, Acrylic Paint on Canvas

48”h x 30”w x 4”d

Introspection III

SKU: LS-P-01-37
  • "Introspection" is a series that invites viewers to delve into the hidden depths, to look beyond the surface, and to discover the beauty that lies within.

    Each painting in the series is a visual meditation on the concept of revealing what lies beneath the surface. At first glance, the canvases exude an air of minimalism, with their serene monochromatic surface. Then one discovers hidden layers of existence behind the intricately carved delicate eggshells. The eggshells serve as gateways to new realms, symbolizing the transformative power of introspection and the profound revelations that await those who venture further.

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